Wedding favour - how to choose the right one for you

A wedding is a very special occasion for a happy couple. Their loved ones, their relatives and their guests all attend the ceremony to be a part of the happy couples wedding. In return, the couple present their guests with wedding favours as a token of their thanks and appreciation for being a part of their special day and moment. Among these wedding favours, some couples choose wedding favour boxes, in which they use to place things like sweets and sugary almonds in, to give to their guests. The idea of wedding favour boxes are a very popular idea for most weddings and people spend a lot of time trying to figure out what type of wedding favour boxes they want to use for their wedding.

There are so many wedding favour boxes that you can always choose from. These wedding favour boxes come in so many different sizes and shapes, and even colours. With all this variety you will definitely find something that you will like and that will fit your budget and match with the theme of your wedding, if you have chosen one.

For women, wedding favour bags made out of silk or organza are very popular. Wedding favour boxes that are rectangular, circular and even square shaped are thought to be given out to men mostly. Sometimes you can even find boxes that are shaped as top hats, so you can give them out to your male guests. Besides that, if you are looking for boxes that are in different shapes, you will find those available as well. Hearts, flowers, gems and even dice shaped wedding favour boxes are readily available to place your favours in for your wedding. These wedding favour boxes are even made out of different material. If they're made out of paper, they will appear to be very delicate. Card board wedding favour boxes are more durable, so you can decide which one you want to choose. Wedding favour boxes made out of plastic are also used and they are usually given away with eatables in them.

The shape of the wedding favour boxes aren't the only thing that's important. Even the colour matters, so you're bound to choose a colour that suits you. You can either go with a colour that matches the colour of the brides dress, or the groom's tuxedo. You could even match the colour of the wedding favour boxes with the colour you chose as decoration for your wedding. Once you decide on the colour, always remember to add some personal touches to the wedding favour boxes, whether it is simply a ribbon with your names printed on it, or wedding favour boxes that have you names carved on them; whatever you choose, just make it your own.