Railway Budget - 2012: Highlights

Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi has presented his first rail budget on 14th March. 

Following are some of the  crucial highlights of the Budget 2012.

  • Recommendation of kakodkar Committee on Saftey to be implemented.
  • To set up Railway Research Development Council.
  • To set up Independent Railway Safety Authority.
  • 12th Plan Investment on Railways at 7.35 lakh Crores
  • Railway Safety fund pegged at 16,842 crores.
  • Targets passenger speed of 160 km an hour. 
  • Plan to modernise 19,000 km through renewals.
  • To allocate Rs 4,410 crore on capacity augmentation work. 
  • New coaching complex in Panvel. 
  • To facilitate running to heavier trains.
  • Travel time from Delhi to Kolkata will get reduced from 17 hours to 14 hours. 
  • Introduction of new wagons and auto car are planned.
  • Allocation of Rs 6,700 cr made under new line plan.
  • To spend Rs 63,212 cr on track modernisation in 5 years
  • Plans to introduce GPS in Railways.
  • To allocate 100 stations via PPP in next 5 years.
  • Doubling of lines of 750 km to be completed in FY12-13.
  • New lines to be set up for Kolkata Metro.
  • To set up elevated suburban corridors in Navi Mumbai.
  • First class Ac fares have been raised by as much as 30 paise per km. 
  • The increase in other classes is: 15 paise per km for AC 2-tier travellers, 10 paise for 3-tier passengers and three paise per km for sleeper class.
  • Fares on suburban networks have become dearer by two paise per km.
  • Platform tickets will now cost Rs 5 versus Rs 3 currently.
  • 21 new passenger and 75 new express trains to be launched.
  • Wait-listed passengers to get alternate train reservations.
  • Green toilets to be installed in 2,500 coaches in next one year.
  • Gross traffic receipts of Rs 1,32,552 cr as eyed in FY13.
  • Revised earning estimates at Rs 28,800 cr.
  • Freight earning at Rs 89,339 cr for FY 13.
  • Railways paid dividend of over Rs 5,600 cr despite difficult finances.
Use the following link to download the full budget highlights: